- The rich history of the company "Ratko Mitrovic" starting year 1948. when it was founded as a military construction company, primarily for the construction of military facilities. Very quickly grew into a large corporation for construction of residential and industrial buildings, bridges, silos, building materials factories, which are included at the top of former Yugoslav construction

In 1964, it had already constructed a number of buildings in Belgrade and throughout the country.

- Factory "First Petoletka" - Trstenik,

- Factory "Sloboda" - Chachak,

- Factory "Milan Blagojević" - Luchani,

- Skopje Hospital,

- Car factorys in Kragujevac and Priboj,

- Factory "Prva Iskra" - Barich and

- sections of the main highway and the Adriatic freeway

In 1970. the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce granted "Ratko Mitrović" the "May Award".

In 1974. the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia presented us the award as the best enterprise of low rise and high rise constructions.

In 1978 the President of the Republic awarded us the Medal of Labor with the Red Flag...

...for the construction of residential and other buildings, large housing projects in Novi Belgrade and Belgrade:

- block 38 - School Ratko Mitrovic is in the forefront,

- block 23,

- block 45,

- car factory - Priboj.

The company marked the 40. anniversary of its existence in 1988. with two million square meters constructed in housing and other projects throughout the former Yugoslavia.

"Ratko Mitrović" became famous as the best Yugoslav company for the construction of hospitals.

- The hospital in Skopje.

- The hospital in Kragujevac.

- The Clinical Center in Belgrade – construction and reconstruction

- The Military-Medical Academy

In 1981, the company finished the building of the Military-Medical Academy, one of the largest medical facilities in this part of Europe, with 170,000 square meters.

"Ratko Mitrović" built this center in the "Engineering" system, beginning with the planning to the mounting of state of the-art facilities and medical equipment. Due to a short time limit for this kind of a project, designed as "monoblock", it was decided to build in a prefabricated way applying seven-ton floor elements, 6.80m by 6.80m in dimension. They were put up with large cranes of seven- ton lifting capacity, at a distance of 40 meters. Box-shaped carriers 2.20 meters wide and 3.60 meters tall, with 7-meter cantilivers, carried the upper part of the 6-floor building. For the construction of such a building, one needed state-of-the-art technology, a team of skilled experts and contractors and a perfect organization.

The Clinical Center was built in 1978 days and from all its angles, it impresses with monumentality, harmony and a perfect shape

In the earthquake that devastated Skopje in 1965, killing more than a 1000 people, not a single building constructed by Ratko Mitrović did collapse nor was significantly damaged

In the capital of Macedonia, our company constructed important buildings such as:

- Skyscrapers on the bank of the Vardar River

- The Military Hospital.

- The Business Center "Idadija".

- The military hotel.

- The residential building in the "Aerodrom" suburb.

Blocks of buildings with 600-1000 flats were stringing up in the old and the new part of Belgrade:

- block 23,

- block 70,

- block 19а...
in front of the "Sava" Center with 1000 flats and with the same area of garages and shelters.

Sports grounds, gardens and trees as well as squares and pedestrian traffic are on the first level so that pedestrians can walk freely, for the garages and the car traffic are on the ground level of the Block.

The buildings shine with their whiteness in the rain as weel as in the sun.

- Block 6 in Vojvode Stepe Street.

In Block 45 in Novi Beograd, we built two hotels for our single workers and a restaurant serving 5,000 meals a day, as well as sports courts.

A long time ago, back in 1961, the company built the airport in Surchin.

The low-rise teams successfully finished the highway Belgrade-Zagreb and Belgrade-Novi Sad.

We build bridges.

Delevelled intersections and loops A and B at the Belgrade Arena

The bridge on the road Golubac - Donji Milanovac

The bridge over the river Lepenica

Delevelled highway intersections Sava and shopping streets of Belgrade

The bridge on the highway M1-11 in Kragujevac

The company executes the works strictly with is own equipment...

...and owns a large number of halls and ancillary buildings for maintenance, repair and overhaul and accommodation of machines and cranes.

In that part of its system "Ratko Mitrović" employs many engineers, technicians, technologists, auto mechanics and drivers.

At Jelen Dol, out of crushed stone and with trademark technology, we manufacture prefabricated elements for "kulije" facades, renowned in the construction business. Prefabricated floor elements and "kulije" prefabricated airing facades were cast in our own plants in the procedure of vaporizing concrete and after 20. years, they look as if they were set on yesterday.
Besides the "kulije" facade technology, the company also produces facades with other surface treatment.



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